Project Description

Lange Antares 18S

The Antares in Condor

The version represented in Condor is the 18 Meter Class Antares 18S  (Pure glider).

The first ANTARES 18S made its successful maiden flight Sunday May 28th, 2006. The youngest member of the ANTARES-family of sailplanes then was put to the acid test during several test flights at the home airport of Lange Flugzeugbau in Zweibrücken (Germany). In its first few flights, the sailplane clearly exceeded the development team’s expectations of gentle and nimble handling, and the test pilots decided to start flutter and spin testing the same day.

The first flights of the ANTARES 18S have also shown that the aerodynamic design, aiming for outstanding glide performance especially at middle and high speeds, has yielded the expected results without compromising on pilots comfort.

Technical Data
Wing Span 18m
Wing Area 10.97 m²
Length 7.4m
Empty Weight 280 kg
Max Weight 600 kg
Water Ballast 214 l
Min Wing Loading 31.9 kg/m²
Max Wing Loading 54.7 kg/m²
Max Speed 280 km/h
Maneuvering Speed 200 km/h
Min Speed 67 km/h
Min Sink 0.46 m/s
Best Glide Ratio 53 at 100 km/h
DAeC Index 120
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