Condor 2 Standard version

Condor with 7 gliders, 4 towplanes and Slovenia landscape

49.99€ + VAT


Condor 2 Pro version

Condor with 23 gliders, 4 towplanes and Slovenia landscape

163.12€ + VAT



15m club class flapped single seat sailplane

7.99€ + VAT



15m club class single seat sailplane

7.99€ + VAT


Discus 2a

15m Standard class glider

7.99€ + VAT



15m club class single seat sailplane

7.99€ + VAT



First solo glider

7.99€ + VAT



28m open class single seat self launcher

11.99€ + VAT



18m version with sustainer motor

11.99€ + VAT



2 seat training glider

7.99€ + VAT


DG-808C Competition

15m and 18m self launching planes

14.99€ + VAT



18m and 21m Sailplanes

11.99€ + VAT


Schweizer 1-26

American designed vintage glider

7.99€ + VAT



15m Standard class

7.99€ + VAT



Vintage primary training glider

7.99€ + VAT


Swift S-1

Aerobatic competition glider

7.99€ + VAT


Ventus 3

15m and 18m competition planes

11.99€ + VAT



15m Club class

7.99€ + VAT


Ordering information
Your order will be sent directly to ShareIt. They provide Secure On-line Ordering pages for us. The Invoice and Condor products will be available to you immediately after ShareIt has received full payment from you.

According to EU guidelines, private customers from within EU are required to pay the VAT on electronic products. Companies from the EU are not required to pay VAT if they enter a valid VAT ID. Many other countries require VAT to be charged for online purchases. ShareIt will do this automatically for your purchase. For the current information on which countries this applies, please contact ShareIt.

For more questions and answers about ordering, please visit ShareIt’s Customer Care Center 

To have the best Condor experience when buying Condor 2, please check the system requirements.

After you download the installation file, run it and follow the installation instructions. 

To install the purchased planes, download and install the hangar update from the download page on this site. The plane will then appear in your hangar. Enter the activation code given to you by Share-It to enable the plane.

For more information about installation, please check the manual.

ShareIt limits download for 14 days or if extended download option is chosen, download is active up to 24 months.
Condor Team is NOT liable for any direct, indirect, special or incidental loss of the download installation file. It is solely customer’s obligation to archive the installation file.