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The LS3a and Condor version 2.18 are released. The changes in 2.18 are: 1. Supports the LS3a unusual flap/brake interactions 2. Corrects the stick forward bug 3. Plane selection drop down count limited to 32 items

By |May 23rd, 2022|Categories: Condor Team News|Comments Off on LS3a

ASW 15 B released

ASW 15 B is released for Club Class in Hangar Update 22. Also in the update is:- Handicaps from DAeC 2022 updated. Arcus polar updated JS3 and Ventus 3 polars adjusted. Libelle polar adjusted LS8Neo PDA changed to in panel type LS8Neo left arm bug fixed We wish a Merry [...]

By |December 22nd, 2021|Categories: Condor Team News|Comments Off on ASW 15 B released

Condor Update 2.1.7

Released today is update 2.1.7 The main change is the addition of a JSON output from Spectate! to give extra data for the live streaming of eSports Sailplane Grand Prix. Of course this feature can be used in other competitions too. We took the opportunity to address some other issues; [...]

By |September 2nd, 2021|Categories: Condor Team News|Comments Off on Condor Update 2.1.7


Released today is the DG-1000S for Condor 2. This is the fixed gear 18m training version, including waterballast. Fully aerobatic, with great flight model characteristics, do try spinning it inverted 😉

By |June 11th, 2021|Categories: Condor Team News|Comments Off on DG-1000S

Simulator Training Doubles Solo Rates at the United States Air Force Academy

In the summer of 2018, the United States Air Force Academy began using Mach 0.1 Simulated Glider Cockpits as part of their "Glider Airmanship" course. The data collected from the course shows that the solo rate for students who completed the course in 2018 was more than double the solo [...]

By |February 28th, 2019|Categories: Community News|0 Comments

NEW - Condor Keypad Details: The Condor Keypad brings most of the common keyboard commands to your fingertips. It dramatically improves the ease-of-use of Condor and Condor 2. Instead of trying to remember which key on the PC keyboard is used to toggle the landing gear, just hit the [...]

By |January 10th, 2019|Categories: Community News|0 Comments

Condor GP 2018

The new Condor2 GP2018 competition from starts on Tuesday 21/03. After Finn Kristensen, who will be the new Condor GP Champion? Register now on CondorClub!

By |March 15th, 2018|Categories: Community News|1 Comment
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