Condor Localisation

Since Version 1.1.2, Condor has featured localisation support.

With the changes in Condor 2, language support is temporarily removed. It will be reintroduced in a coming update.

To make Condor worldwide users enjoy Condor in their native language, we have turned to the dedicated Condor community for the help.
We have enabled possibility for Condor users to make translations and publish them themselves or they can submit them to us and we will include them in the official Condor release.

 Along with the localisation instructions, which can be found in Condor root directory under filename: condor localisation.htm, we will also maintain a list of localisation teams, so people can divide the workload and prevent double work. Once the individual translation will be done, we will release them on this page in form of an easy, automated, installation file.