Condor Café Daily team oriented competitions
Simulateur de vol à voile Condor Condor portal and forum for the French Condor community. Condor portal and forum for the Italian Condor community.
Сайт русскоязычного сообщества пилотов планерного симулятора Condor Condor portal for the Russian Condor community.
Landscapes Home of the Amazing Condor Sceneries by Miloš Koch
Condor Club Sceneries, Tasks  and Skins Postfrontal Sceneries
Software Utilities  
Hitzi’s Server List Hitzi’s server list and utilities
Sim extras Glider flight training materials
Mach 0.1 simulated glider cockpit
Training Lessons for Condor and Condor 2
Races Home of the Competitions
The Monday Night Soaring League Home of the Monday Night Soaring League.

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