Flight training in Condor

Since the beginning, Condor has been used by clubs and businesses to construct full size simulators as shown in the picture opposite. That one is the British Gliding Association simulator, and they rent it out to their member clubs for a small fee.

But that is not the only way. Condor has a comprehensive set of training lessons built in, and anyone can teach themselves how to fly in the comfort of their own home on almost any PC with a joystick. We have many stories of this from our community.

The lessons are split into 4 phases:


  • Preflight checks
  • Effect of controls
  • Turns
  • Winch launching
  • Aerotow launching
  • Traffic pattern(circuit) and landing
  • Winch launch failure


  • Thermal soaring
  • Ridge soaring
  • Wave soaring
  • Upslope winds
  • Outlanding


  • Starting task and navigation
  • Speed to fly – MC theory
  • Final Glide
  • Increasing speed


  • Stalls and spins
  • Loops