Arcade Cup 2

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Arcade Cup 2

Post by witor » Mon Dec 18, 2023 6:34 pm

After the first very successful Arcade Cup I am pleased to announce the second edition of this competition

Arcade Cup is purely focused on maximising fun and excitement. Each task will start with an inflight release and the start line will open 5 minutes after the end of the join time. The high release will ensure the race starting with a sufficient altitude and speed. Tasks will be usually short and winners should be able to complete each race in about an hour. Conditions will be good enough, allowing even less experienced pilots to get to the finish line, but don’t expect to fly at VNE all the time 🙂

We will have regatta tasks. Cloud flying will be allowed (if you feel adventurous) and glider repairs will be allowed with no penalty, so if you lose a wing just press ‘Q’ and carry on! Unfortunately, if you crash into the ground your race will be over. You will also need to pay attention to turn point types, heights and entry directions as all types of turn points including gates are to be expected, so turn the visibility of the turn points on (J)!

The competition consists of 7 races with the best 5 results used for overall standings.

We will fly on Saturdays at 19:50 UTC on AA2 landscape with 20 minute join time.

First racing day - 13 January 2024. No password is required to join the servers.

Register here:

Have fun!

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