VirtualSoaring: 15th Anniversary!

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VirtualSoaring: 15th Anniversary!

Post by 3P » Mon Jun 26, 2023 2:53 pm

We are thrilled to announce that this year marks the fifteenth anniversary of our web community for virtual soaring enthusiasts! For the past 15 years, we have been sharing our passion for flying gliders in the Condor 1 & Condor 2 soaring simulator — learning from each other and having fun together.


It's been an amazing journey since we launched our domain/website on June 26, 2008. We have grown from a small group of enthusiasts to a diverse community of pilots from all over the world. We have organized countless events, competitions and challenges to test our skills and enjoy the beauty of the Condor simulators virtual skies. We have also supported the development of new software and content for our virtual soaring hobby.

Since 2008, as the main activity of, we have organized a total of more than 60 virtual competitions in Condor simulator — Bohemia Cup, Beskydy Gliding Cup, Fatra Gliding Cup, CondorWorld Medlánky Cup, Xmas Cup (every Christmas time since 2008 without break), Alpen Pokal, ZoborGlide, Praděd Gliding, Raven Competition and many many others events for the last 15 years.

Also our 24/7 tasks & results server have been running non-stop for more than 10 years. Some interesting information: since Condor 2 (spring 2018) arrived the statistics from DSHelper show pilots flew more than four and a half million kilometers in tasks on our servers. We have also been making sure that virtual pilots can talk to each other during Condor tasks for a long time — our VirtualSoaring TeamSpeak3 server has more than 1000 registered users from around the world.

We are so excited to celebrate our 15th anniversary with you all. We are proud of what we have achieved and we are grateful for your support and participation. We look forward to flying with you and making more memories together. Thank you all for being part of our Virtual Soaring community!

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