ExtPlane now supports Condor

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ExtPlane now supports Condor

Post by cos » Thu May 24, 2018 11:01 am


I'm the developer of ExtPlane, a open source networked cockpit builder software. With ExtPlane you can access the simulator's variables using a simple human-readable TCP connection.

Yesterday I got Condor support for ExtPlane working. This means that the values sent by Condor in UDP can be accessed by ExtPlane clients. For example with ExtPlane-panel you can draw cockpit instruments on screen to get a virtual cockpit.

I'm building a ASW-24 flight simulator for our club so this was needed as we want to run Condor 2 as one of our software options. I'm planning to use ExtPlane-panel to make instrument panel for it.

This is still experimental so bugs may occur. Let me know if it works for you and report bugs and wishes in GitHub issue tracker. If you are a developer, you can download Qt SDK, open the project and build ExtPlane. Uncheck "shadow build" from project settings.

I currently only have Condor 1, but I've read that the UDP protocol is the same in Condor 2 so this should work for both.

ExtPlane can be found here:


Supported values and their mappings to X-Plane datarefs can be seen here:

https://github.com/vranki/ExtPlane/blob ... ce.cpp#L11

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