Condor rig available to order!

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Condor rig available to order!

Post by zbsksim » Mon Mar 01, 2021 8:35 pm

Hi guys.
Since i got a lot of messages about my sim rigs i proudly
Announce that it is officialy available to order.


Few words about the device:
All aluminium construction.
DOF REALITY compatible.
22 high quality sealed bearings.
LeoBodnar 12bit controller with Bourns potentiometers(plug&Play with any software)
Fully adjustable (can mimic almost any glider - you can adjust things like:
stick - travel, height, springs tension, distance,
rudders - travel, spring tension, angle, distance,
controllers(flaps, trimmer, airbrake) - besides travel, distance and height adjustment they can be mounted for left or right hand or be splitted for both, they can also be mounted in vertical or horizontal position.
Other condor funtions are reached with small numeric keyboard atached to side controllers - its easy to use with VR.

Monitor mount also available.

Tow release, wheelbrake dedicated controllers as well as some other cool stuff coming soon.

I've already build about 15 units they are all working like a charm.
Price is 1500 euro, PayPal available.
Sending from poland.
If anyone has questions please email me at

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Re: Condor rig available to order!

Post by beefa69 » Mon Jul 12, 2021 1:48 am

That looks awesome! :)

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