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Post by flyfrode » Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:00 pm


The number of glider members worldwide are decreasing.. There's many reasons for that, I'm sure. But I imagine one of the big reasons for this is because way to few members are competing. In my country we only have two ways to compete.. cross-country distance tasks or aerobatics. Both have high demands for pilots to enter, either gather some hours, or deal with the scary though of an outlanding.

I don't know if this is new in the world, but I came up with a new competition, called Twister.. Simply, it is a vertical distance task..
Twister 5000 = climb 5000m as fast as you can.. But there are some rules:

We need an airport.. Then use an outer Radius (R2), and an inner Radius (R1). The R1 is 1km form centre of runway, the R2 is maximum 10km from centre of runway.. Within the R1, we put a Startline(S1) at, lets say 600m QFE.. Between R1 and R2, we put out Twistline (T1, T2, T3..) at different or same altitudes.... Lets say 1600m in this example.

The difference between S1 and T1, is 1000m.. So the competition goes like this:
Start by crossing the startline S1 vertical withing the Radius 1.. as soon as you have started, you need to go outside R1 to find thermals and climb up to the first twistline T1 at 1600m As soon as you have crossed T1 vertical, you need to hurry inside R1 for a rapid descend to cross S1 again.. Then you go outside R1 to pick up a new thermal to climb up to next Twistline... So it goes until you have reached the last Twistline, and in the end go inside R1 to descend and do a "finalglide" crossing the finishline 50-150m above airstrip.

The reason for making this competition, is to make it easy for everyone to compete, even solo-student-pilots. There are no scary thoughts of outlanding, and the task is even intensive and close enough for people to come watch..

My challenge is to find a way to make the logger in the PDA or volgslogger.. So that it beeps when you crosses the horisontal altitudeline vertical, instead of crossing the vertical WP horisontal like we do in distance tasks..

If anyone knows how to do this in Condor, or in Seeyou.. please tell me how..
Any comments to this Twister competition:D?

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