Task plus 7 flight tracks to share

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Task plus 7 flight tracks to share

Post by Sprunga » Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:21 am

Hi Guys,

I do not have the chance to fly online so I created a small task (82km I think) with the Slovenia HD scenery. I then have flown it 7 times with different types of gliders.

It is by no means a 'speed' task. The first time I flew it was with the Libelle and it didn't go that great. So when flying it again I have used the Libelle as the pace setter for the task. The result is I have created several thermals that a have a decent size gaggle. I was going to add more flight tracks but it is starting to get a bit busy in a couple of places. There is actually a couple of mid-airs in there (lucky for flight tracks!!).

Even though I didn't set a max height for the start, I have started low and fast over the hill right next to the start waypoint. I then have gone hammer and tongs (fast) to the first thermal so entry into the thermal is from only about 100m AGL in most cases. In the Hills there is some 'waiting around' for the Libelle and then a couple of fast and low sections. I think overall a pretty good mix.

If you would like to have a relaxing task with a couple of big gaggles please PM me with your email address and I will send them off to you. Hopefully you will enjoy it!


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