[Sky Battle Cup 2010] Checklist pilots

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Re: [Sky Battle Cup 2010] Checklist pilots

Post by Simicro » Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:25 am

Win7/nVidia fix was not released yet
We alerted Uros and GR and reported to the community already. We cannot do anything more.
22 wrote:one tip for you so really I dont know why you mention some flame?
Thank you for your tip diverting from using Condor Club but I explained above the reasons of our choice. Furthermore you should realize that at 4 days from the start of the competition, it is highly risky if not crazy to move to a whole new scoring system which we do not know, especially if developments are necessary.

For tricky and subtle flaming on Condor Club, just do a search on your own posts.
22 wrote:Anyway everyone can have own opinion including Jack..
Of course.
22 wrote:But why CC cant allow higher number of FTRs during competition? Imho better would be any competition fee than forcing ppl to create premuim membership in CC. Over.
As already said:
RaiderOne wrote:We do NOT force anybody, and you can WIN the competition even if you are not a Condor Club Premium member :
Look ... you can upload :
5 ftr on January / 5 races
5 ftr on february / 8 races
5 ftr on March / 8 races
4 ftr on April / 4 races

Total 19 compared to a total of 25 races ! And don't forget that only the 14 best results will be counted for the final ranking !!!
Even in the days of SBC 2008, with the cheap competition fee, some were still complaining and moaning.

In SBC 2008 if you did not pay the competition fee you could fly but NOT be scored. So you could NOT win the competition.

Now in SBC 2010 WITHOUT being a Condor Club Premium member and WITHOUT paying competition fee, you can still fly AND be scored AND win the competition.

So what's the problem?
22 wrote:Imho better would be...
Please note that what I said above are FACTS and NOT assumption, or opinion or speculation.

Some have as duty or sport to complain all the time regardless of what is done, efforts of others or improvements based on facts.

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Re: [Sky Battle Cup 2010] Checklist pilots

Post by Stefke » Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:44 am

From our own painful experience, I can only recommend the SBC10-Team to organize the Cup in the way you think it is right.
In the beginning of the SBC07 we tried to please everyone, but soon we realized, that is not possible (and sometimes very frustrating).

So please SBC10-Team ignore the moaners, you make the rules and those who don´t like it, can organize their own competition :wink:

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Re: [Sky Battle Cup 2010] Checklist pilots

Post by 22 » Thu Jan 14, 2010 12:24 pm

@Tony: What are you doing? If you have trouble with money or free time to organize this competition, dont organize such event than, now I have 100/100 Mbit line so its free for your competition with remote access to DSH server if you have interest..so STOP pls your stupid speech about CC and money spending or flaming. Firstly I wanted fly your competition and install second OS to my PC, but now after your 2 last post I lost taste!

@Stefke: :D thx for hint, but I forgot probably how manage competition