Virtual SGP Rules V1.0 published

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Virtual SGP Rules V1.0 published

Post by havet865 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 12:35 pm


Here we go!

Thanks to the IGC bureau, the top virtual competitors, and our team, we have been able to build new SGP Rules adapted to virtual gliding, in order to welcome and score a large number of pilots.

Remember? Sailplane Grand Prix is a position-based ranking, and not a performance-based ranking! It does not matter if you arrive 2 seconds or 5 minutes after the pilot in front of you. What matters is your final position, just like in Formula1!

You will see major changes in the Qualifying Virtual SGPs, with simpler rules, procedures, and penalites! Otherwise, the rules for the Virtual SGP - World Final are very close to the current SGP rules, as there will only be 20-22 pilots who will compete during the final.

A few extracts to discover now, for the Qualifying VSGP:
  • Your Daily Place Score is based on your ranking (R) and on the number of finishers (Nf).
  • If more than 50% of the pilots (who started the race) complete the task, the daily winner scores 1000 points.
  • If less than 50% of the pilots (who started the race) complete the task, the daily winner scores 500 points.
  • You do not score any points if you do not complete the task!
  • There is no cut-off in points for finishers. As long as you complete the task, you would get some points! This new rule aims at motivate less experienced pilots to complete the tasks, and give them a reward.
  • For each pilot, the overall results will be calculated with the best 6 performances out of 7 races to cover the issues linked to virtual gliding, and guarantee a fair race for everyone.
  • The bonus for the last competition day is now 100 points, for the daily winner.

Further analysis will be released in the coming days, to explain the new rules to the community.

Take a look at them now: ... les-v1.pdf

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Re: Virtual SGP Rules V1.0 published

Post by havet865 » Thu May 12, 2022 1:52 pm

Published on 07/05/22 on Discord in #Rules-Qualifying

Rules have been amended for the 2nd Virtual SGP, about the Daily Place scores. Rules V1.1 will be released accordingly.
As we are taking the best 6 out of 7 results (to cover any issue you may have on your side, and still produce a fair race), we have cancelled the option to have races with 500 points instead of 1000 if Number of Finishers was lower than 50%.

Now all races will be on 1000 points, with the associated scoring system (position-based).

Reminder about the penalties applicable for the Virtual SGP of Boras (and all qualifiers) below. There are only a very few applicable so try to enjoy and fly safe, especially at start during the Regatta start & in the first thermal.

Type of Offence ---> Penalty

Overweight - Wing Loading > Maximum wing loading ---> 5 minutes for each kg/m² in excess
Registration fee not paid ---> No launch
Start speed above 170 kpH ---> 5 sec/km/h in excess of 170 km/h
Cloud flying ---> 10 seconds per second (=10 minutes penalty for 1 minute spent Cloud Flying)
Mid-Air collision - Qualifying VSGP ---> 10 minutes
Intentional restart (<5 min before line opening) ---> 5 minutes
Unsporting behaviour ---> At VSGP Director discretion
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