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VR mit WMR Odyssey+ kriege ich einfach nicht zum laufen; Hilfe!

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2020 8:04 pm
by wernerborn

Ich bin nun schon 12 Stunden vergeblich am Versuch, Condor2 mit meinem VR-Headset Samsung Odyssey+ zum laufen zu bewegen.
Alle anderen Spiele laufen wie immer einwandfrei.
Habe hunderterte Beiträge hier im Forum vergeblich durchforstet um eine Antwort bzw. Hilfe zu erhalten. Desweiteren youtube-Videos zum Thema geschaut, auch hier ohne Erfolg.

Kann mir vielleicht jemand helfen, nötigenfalls mit Remote-PC oder sowas?
Habe extra voller Hoffnung Condor2 gekauft wegen dem VR-Erlebnis, aber nach 12 Stunden vergebliche Sucherei, Probiererei weiss ich nicht mehr weiter.

Ich hoffe auf Hilfe hier.
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Re: VR mit WMR Odyssey+ kriege ich einfach nicht zum laufen; Hilfe!

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 12:15 am
by wernerborn
I finally got it right, Condor 2 runs with my WMR glasses from Samsung Odyssey +

The following instructions are followed exactly by AlexH »Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:19 pm in the thread: HTC Vive: Error initializing Direct3D;


I only got VR headset for Condor sim. I got Condor to work with VR on the HTC Vive without too much trouble. I followed the manual. The only thing that took me a few minutes was how to inject Condor with Revive as I have never done this before.

When you have followed all the below instructions from the manual, restart computer, make sure the HTC Vive and light houses and plugged in, start SteamVR, headset and lighthouses should be green/ready in SteamVR. In the bottom right you should get Revive icon, right click on revive, select inject, select Condor.exe, in setup make sure you ticked Oculus Rift, MSAA disabled, start freeflight or multiplayer, select Start flight, put on headset and enjoy!

Hope this helps.

HTC Vive
Similarly, the Rift website has a system check app. Go to

To use Vive with Condor you must use the Revive compatability layer app available from

Installation steps:

Install SteamVR (which Vive users will have anyway)
Install Oculus Home without doing initial setup
Install Revive
Install Condor and copy the content of Revive\Revive folder into Condor folder (x86 and x64 Revive injectors and their related folders)
The first three steps are the usual Revive install routine, unrelated to Condor.

To run Condor 2:

Start SteamVR
In the SteamVR dashboard pick the Revive tab
Drag and drop Condor 2 to ReviveInjector_x64.exe (we have 64bit machine/OS)
Note: It may be required to set MSAA to zero for Vive.

My revive version is: 1.8.0
My SteamVR-version is:beta
However, I have not downloaded and installed a system check app from the rif page. I also haven't downloaded and installed the Revive Compatability Layer app. (Applies to my Samung Odyssey +)!

Don't forget to activate the VR option (Rift) in the settings of Condor 2 and not to use MSAA (antialiasing)

Have fun with the WMR glasses in Condor 2 !!! : D: D: D