DVAeC Flyout Event


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DVAeC Flyout Event

Post by TimoA16 » Fri Apr 17, 2020 12:43 pm

Since the quarantine continues to the begin of march we had the idea to start someting huge.
The German Virtual Aeroclub invites you to take part on the 2-day "DVAeC Flyout" - Sponsored by Aerosoft.
Some facts for you:
-One Weekend Full of Racing (May 2nd/3rd)
-Server will start at 13UTC/15CEST
-2 large FAI-Triangles, each one ~5h
-Sports Class, every plane allowed, handicap/index applied
-semi regatta style to prevent start line gambling
-Overall Winner gets an Aerosoft Product of choice up to a value of 50EUR. Thanks to Aerosoft
for the Sponsoring. :)
-WestGermany3 scenery, make sure to install the best resolution possible on your
system for the best experience

-Only flights done on our DVAeC Servers will be counted
-Disconnect but finished will be counted too
-Stay polite on the Server
-Risky flying with endangering others is prohibited

Prepare yourself with enough nutrition for these long flights and feel free to join our teamspeak server: ts3.dvaec.de

You can find the Competition on Condor Club: https://www.condor-club.eu/comp/show/0/?id=428

good luck and have fun :)
Timo | 22A
Mats | MPM
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