Thinking of buying a VR headset for Condor

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Re: Thinking of buying a VR headset for Condor

Post by kingjamez » Sun Feb 12, 2023 6:15 am

Very Cool Marc! That looks amazing!

Hard to argue with cheap and Condor is more forgiving in reading instruments than MSFS so the Q2 will be fine. I've got both and never touch the Q2 anymore.

I too am in the USA. Wireless Source on eBay is the official, unofficial vendor. They get their inventory directly from Bytedance. The only real hangup to living in the US is that you must have an andriod device since you can't get their app to buy Virtual Desktop on iOS in the USA.

I just got done setting up XCSoar and the added benifit of having the pancake lenses really shines here since I can have XCSoar off to the side and still clearly read it's menu.

That said, the Q2 will wet your whistle, and allow you to see if you are interested in upgrading to the next step up.

Good luck and I hope to continue to watch your build. I'm jealous.

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