PIMAX 8kx headset setup on Condor 2

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PIMAX 8kx headset setup on Condor 2

Post by Discus_Dave » Sun May 29, 2022 9:50 am

I'm trying to set my Pimax 8kx on Condor 2 and every time I try to start Free Flight I get 'Error Initialising D3D -Check Video options....Surely the program has more than Oculus Rift in it's database?...I'm a lapsed 2000 hour 3 Diamonds ex Full cat glider pilot 65 years young and would much rather fly VR than 2D....

Any help would be very much appreciated

Dave in Oz

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Re: PIMAX 8kx headset setup on Condor 2

Post by ccsgoebel » Tue Jun 28, 2022 9:30 pm

I´m using the Pimax 5k with condor and flying in VR is really great.
But it took me 1 day to get it running.
I followed the steps in Condor Manual, but the key was not to use the latest Version of Revive, I use Version 1.5
The later versions have a different file structure and different filenames.

To start I have to launch Steam VR first (If i do not, then I get the same error as you)
Then I launch condor2 by pulling the condor.exe file on the ReviveInjector_x64.exe

That runs very stable.

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