Setting up WMR

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Setting up WMR

Post by Burnie » Sun May 10, 2020 10:55 am

Hi, new user here. I've searched the forum, and I'm having trouble finding an up to date set of instructions on getting VR up and running for my Reverb/WMR

I've installed the Oculus app, Revive, and Revive Helper, but I'm just getting heaps of error messages.

Running out of hair to pull out, any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Setting up WMR

Post by Eridian » Sun May 10, 2020 8:56 pm


you should be able to find some posts detailing the setup for WMR here in the forum.

I got my HP Reverb to run based on the info provided here. Just from memory, what seems to be lacking in the list of things you installed/prepared is "WMR for Steam Beta". [I use v 1.12.2]

Another common stumbling block is Revive, where you must not use the most recent version. 1.9.2 seems to work for most people here...

What also helped me was to work forward "layer by layer" in the stack of software to install/configure.

First, I just installed MS WMR and made sure I got that one working and was able to walk around that VR pavillion a bit.

Then I proceeded to Steam VR and made sure that one was working as well, using e.g. the two freely accessible HL:Alyx demos.

Best of luck,


PS: just edited a bit for clarity...

PPS: This post by cyberpanic (thanks!) helped me a lot... ... 20#p166543

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Re: Setting up WMR

Post by thorbury » Mon May 11, 2020 10:52 pm

I have a WMR headset and had a working Condor 2 VR setup, but managed to destroy my hard disc (…) so I've had to set it up again.

As @Burnie says, it's good advice to make sure that each step works first: WMR VR in the pavilion. Condor 2 without VR. VR under Steam (you need SteamVR for this).

I then installed the Oculus Rift S software from here: ; you need a Facebook or Oculus account. Skip the setup after you've logged in.

Then I installed Revive v1.9.1:

I then installed the Revive Condor Helper v1.0.4, which definitely makes things easier: ... ive-helper

In Condor, you need to go into Setup, choose "Setup VR" and check the "Oculus Rift2 tickbox. In the main setup page, make sure that "MSAA supersampling" is Off.

Then, if you run the Revive Condor helper, it "should" work.

Perhaps if you still have problems, you could post and tell us what error messages you're getting?

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