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Monitor with VR

Post by hijack5MH » Tue Mar 31, 2020 12:54 am

When I am using my Oculus Rift S, is there a way to get the monitor to continue to show what I am seeing? My monitor seems to freeze on the cockpit display, when I select flight. The scene in the Oculus is great, but my buddy cannot see what is happening, watching the computer monitor. Do I need a second video card or is there a setting to allow the monitor to echo the Oculus display?

I also have problem with the optics of the picture on the computer monitor, when I de-select the VR. My display on the monitor resembles a fish-eye lens! I can move the view point around using the hat switch on my 3D Extreme joystick, but it is like I have fish-eye goggles on. When I first loaded Condor2, the monitor picture was normal. After I used the Oculus for the first time, the video has been stuck with the fish-eye lens effect ever since, whether in VR mode or not. The Oculus view is normal, only the monitor is messed up??

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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