VNE discussion (vote!)

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Should Condor use real flutter speeds? (Your opinions)

Yes. Real flutter speeds (+ optional penalty for flying over Vne)
Reduced flutter speeds (like it's currently in condor) to prevent people flying over Vne accepting condor has a modifed flutter behaviour
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Re: VNE discussion (vote!)

Post by JShieck » Wed Feb 24, 2021 11:28 am

Dear Condor team,

due to the users' opinion shown in the poll and in order to enforce the realism in Condor I would like to suggest you to correct this as a feature in one of the next updates.

I am sure the community will be very thanksfull.
Even if Condor has almost a monopoly in it's business I know our community is proud of how close Condor is to the reality.
At this point I want to thank YOU, dear Condor team, for make it possible for us to follow our passion everytimes in your simulator.

We all know writing, changing and updating programs, especially this great simulator, is a huge amount of work I convince Condor will be on the rigth way with this update.

Yours faithfully
Julius Schieck

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Re: VNE discussion (vote!)

Post by congo » Sun May 09, 2021 10:28 pm

Then, COTASA users will always have an advantage, and XC Soar users also.

So a new (and unrealistic) TAS gauge would need to be implemented in Condor to
keep a level playing field for those who choose NOT to use third party add-ons
in their Condor careers?

Even now, the Condor purist is at some disadvantage with those pilots who use
exterior software, for a number of reasons, not just because they have TAS

I do not regret that third party add-ons are used in competition, as they are used
in RL flying and it is a desirable training tool to use them in Condor.

I do wish that the real flutter speeds could be used, (and voted so),
but at what cost to the fairness of competition? It is obvious that pilots with
a TAS indicator already have a distinct advantage in any Condor task with enough
energy to run Vne.

Personally, I find such fast tasks very stressful anyway, where you no longer need
to show some restraint fearing performance loss for going too fast, and this just
gets worse as the gliders increase in performance.

Just my two cents :)

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Re: VNE discussion (vote!)

Post by JShieck » Mon May 10, 2021 7:35 am

TAS indicator for (Condor) PDA or LX 9000?

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Re: VNE discussion (vote!)

Post by Lenticular » Tue Jun 08, 2021 11:00 pm

Real speeds!

Otherwise it is a very "gamey" mechanic to fix a perceived problem that should be dealt with via other means (as already suggested - harsh penlty for flying faster than Vne in a race).

Physics doesn't care about race rules. ;) Also, not all of us fly Condor to race. ;)

Calculating approximate TAS isn't hard. It's roughly +2% of IAS for every 1000 ft of altitude. If you're at 10,000 ft then TAS is 20% greater than IAS.

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