Photos from LOLK Lienz-Nikolsdorf

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Photos from LOLK Lienz-Nikolsdorf

Post by Xavier » Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:20 pm

Hi everybody,

With DGTFER we are building Airports for AA2 1.0

We have found photos from the Internet and extract some from DalyMotion or YouTube.

But we need more photos from LOLK Lienz-Nikolsdorf,

General layout photos are asked.

And especially photos to make hangars snapped textures.

Is there anyone who flies from this airport and who can take photos of each hangar and other buildings.
4 photos by hangars and buildings, one for each side centred well, will be the best.

But any photo will be good

Please PM me if you can help us.

*****- Xavier - (XDL - VR FAN) *****

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