Scenery creation with 3DEM

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Scenery creation with 3DEM

Post by Xavier » Tue Jan 19, 2021 11:25 am

Hi all.

Creating a Scenery with Qgis 2.18 is often tricky. The last LTR of Qgis 3.10 has been released for almost a year and the corresponding updates have still not been made in "Condor2 landscape Guide".

Personally, I have always preferred to work with 3 DEM.

Here is a step by step method with 3 DEM which allows, once it is assimilated, to quickly realize the frame of the Sceneries up to 22 x 22 Terragen tiles.

This short tutorial of around thirty pages covers the beginning of the creation of a Scenery, from SRTM data to the first flight without final textures.

Of course if you find any anomalies, errors or approximations, etc., you will want to report them here so that this tutorial can be constantly updated.

There are two identical versions, one in French, the other in English you can find on the French forum. Or you can Pm me. I will give you a link to my cloud. The 2 PDF are too big to be attached to this post. ... 38&t=17554
Good luck
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Re: Scenery creation with 3DEM

Post by Rene Queiroz » Tue Jan 19, 2021 12:55 pm


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