Tchin Tchin Race 2020

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Tchin Tchin Race 2020

Post by dgtfer » Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:20 pm

Tchin-tchin Race - Rules

Like last year is organizing a new competition composed of 8 tasks each one with free access on our servers for a whole week: the Tchin Tchin Race 2020.

:arrow: Registrations :
The competition is individual and open to all pilots.
The competition is managed by the Condor Club. Registration is mandatory.

:arrow: The competition is composed of 8 races, each lasting 1 week.

:arrow: Dates and schedules of the events:

from Sunday 14/06 14H00 to Sunday 21/06 10H00 : Tchin-tchin Race 1
from Sunday 21/06 14H00 to Sunday 28/06 10H00 : Tchin-tchin Race 2
from Sunday 28/06 14H00 to Sunday 05/07 10H00 : Tchin-tchin Race 3
from Sunday 05/07 14H00 to Sunday 12/07 10H00 : Tchin-tchin Race 4
from Sunday 12/07 14H00 to Sunday 19/07 10H00 : Tchin-tchin Race 5
from Sunday 19/07 14H00 to Sunday 26/07 10H00 : Tchin-tchin Race 6
from Sunday 26/07 14H00 to Sunday 02/08 10H00 : Tchin-tchin Race 7
from Sunday 02/08 14H00 to Sunday 09/08 10H00 : Tchin-tchin Race 8

A multiplying factor will be assigned to the flight without a PDA.
An AAT/S task will be scheduled.

:arrow: Each event will be characterized by a "class" of authorized glider and will take place during one week.

:arrow: Competitors have one week for each event. At the end of their flight, they send their ftr to the Condor Club which will only retain the best result for each one. A maximum of three attempts is allowed for each event.

:arrow: Sceneries that can be used:

- AA2.07
- BigPyerenees2
- Cascade Range
- West_Patagonia
- Corsica2 C2

:arrow: Scoring :
The scores are calculated and displayed by the Condor Club. (Gliding handicaps are taken into account).

:arrow: For each event, the last ftr must be sent to the Condor Club on Sunday 12am, at the latest. It is the result displayed at that moment by the Condor Club which will be the definitive result and which will give the final ranking of the task.

:arrow: General ranking of the competition:

The general ranking will be calculated by adding the 7 best results.

:arrow: Organizers :

- Organizers list: Marc, Canastel9g, DGTfer, LeMontois.
- The organizers team can change the rules at any time.
- All decisions of the organizers team are final.

:arrow: The servers :
- For each race, it is planned the simultaneous launch of 4 servers running in a loop during the whole week. These servers are launched on Sunday at 14H00 and stopped the following Sunday at 10H00.
- Names of the servers: "FRxx - Tchin-tchin Race N Serv A".
N=test number ( 1 to 8 )
A,B,C,D = server number
- These servers are accessible to all, no password is required.
- The use of the servers is mandatory. Any ftr not complying will be refused.

:arrow: Complaints and requests for information :

- Complaints and requests for information by PM (Private Message on the Forum) or by e-mail will not be processed!
- All complaints or requests for information must be submitted to the appropriate forums. ... 03&t=17319

:arrow: Cheat:

- The organizing team will take action against cheaters.
- Any attempt to cheat will result in disqualification of the pilot.

:arrow: Announcement of results:

The results of each event, the provisional general rankings and the final general ranking will be posted in the international forum and in the forum.

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