17:30 CET Tchin-tchin flights

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17:30 CET Tchin-tchin flights

Post by Bre901 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:49 pm

Tchin-Tchin 17:30

The big afternoon rendez-vous for all Condor pilots

From tea time to dinner, a new task every day, most of the time an easy flight, sometimes less, but always interesting.
All kind of gliders, with beautiful landscapes on the popular sceneries.
And you will fly with some of the most friendly pilots of the Condorsphere!
All beginners are welcome, do not hesitate to come on TeamSpeak, and ask for help if necessary.
Everyone will be happy to assist you.

The main server (FR07) starts at 17:30 CET. It is duplicated (FR07 and FR19 starting together, 40 participants max)
Backup server #1 (FR08) starts at 17:40
Backup server#2 (FR09) starts at 18:30.

If you missed the flight or aren't able to join in the late afternoon, these flights are scheduled again in the following evenings:

FR11 Tchintchin J-1 at 21:05 = Flight of the previous day
FR12 Tchintchin J-2 at 21:10 = Flight of two days before
FR13 Tchintchin J-3 at 21:15 = Flight of three days before

The flights are generally proposed by the following tasksetters :
Monday: Jean (canastel-GJ)
Tuesday: Marc T (Bre901-MPT)
Wednesday: Michel (DGT)
Thursday: Pierre (SFSW-PL7)
Friday: open for proposals or re-flies of older tasks
Saturday: Marc (BLA)
Sunday: Eliott (IRL)

However tasks proposed by "regulars" are welcome, see there : http://www.condorsoaring.com/forums/vie ... 35&t=19356

The flightplan of the day is generally uploaded on the Condorsim forum early in the morning (CET) or possibly the day before late at night

Scroll down to the end of this thread : http://www.condorsim.fr/communaute/view ... 28&t=16427 (no need to register or login)

The forum is in French, but reading the dates shouldn't be too complicated.

The flightplan name should contain at least :
- tasksetter's CN
- landscape name (may be abbreviated)
- distance
- class
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CN: MPT — CondorUTill webpage: https://condorutill.fr/