Your proposals for the 17:30 Tchin-tchin flights

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Your proposals for the 17:30 Tchin-tchin flights

Post by Bre901 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:08 pm

As mentioned already, "regulars" are welcome to propose tasks for the 17:30 Tchin-tchin flights (the decision to accept or not the task belongs to the Condorsim team)

Just answer this post, attaching your flightplan, zipped (otherwise it will not be accepted by the forum software)

The filename should be something like :

CN = your CN
XXXkm = distance (in km), rounded to the nearest km
Landscape_name may be abbreviated as long as it's not ambiguous (e.g. AA2), same for Class
Start_airport is optional, but facilitates posterior searches

NOTE : Flightplan names containing whitespaces will be rejected

If you are a regular, you should be familiar with some recommended or mandatory settings :

Start : tow to about 700m AGL or winch
Start height about 1000 m AGL
Allow Midair Collision Recovery MANDATORY
Cloud flying penalty is up to you
Realtime Scoring preferably
Task description should at least contain your CN

The flight should be doable in about 1:30 by average pilots
Please avoid turnpoints in clouds as much as possible, but we know it's not always easy

If we feel that something needs to be adjusted, we will contact you.

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Re: Your proposals for the 17:30 Tchin-tchin flights

Post by maymar » Sun Nov 08, 2020 2:08 pm

My proposition for old style racing ->
only GrunauBaby
all fun with ridge soaring (no thermal, no wave)
task without PDA - old style flying,
no need to print map - all turnpoint visible (press "J")
start height limited by penalty zone.

have fun :-)
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