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Marburg Open 2023

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2023 11:25 pm
by alexlee
Welcome to Marburg Open ! This is a fun competition we do every year. We start on November 3.

All days of competition will be on a friday, 08:00 PM local german time.

This means during wintertime the server will be up at 19:00 UTC and in summertime we will start at 18:00 UTC!

If technically convertable and after succesfull testing in trainingtasks, we try to continue regular races with Condor 3 after it is proven to run solid. We will keep you informed in your Mailbox!


- No password required

- Standalone servermanagement glasfibre connection

- 18m & 15m (it varies)

- Aerotow / Winch in exceptional case
- Realtimescoring activated
- The tasks will be between 250 to 300km in average
- Every task will have a 45 minutes time window
- Planecrash includes flutter / missing FTR ends up with 0 points
- In average flights will take 2.5 hours of your time
- Maps: Arc Alpin 2 & East Germany 2 / Condor 3 Map