RdA / day 5 no-PDA / scoring / points missing!

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RdA / day 5 no-PDA / scoring / points missing!

Post by Jarmo K » Sun Oct 17, 2021 7:01 am

just noticed that d5 is not scored with 1000p. In competition rules it says "scoring type: 1000 points".
And yes, I definetely prefer to have 1000p instead of ~681p :wink:

Missing ~318p will make big difference in final results in the end. In worst case that day will not be counted in at all, even I won the day.
(deleted the doubt about cc-scoring formula; can't be the reason. See edit below)


RdA day 2 was also no-PDA and with std class task, but there scoring is correct and winner got 1000p :?

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