Marburg Open 2021

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Marburg Open 2021

Post by alexlee » Sun Feb 14, 2021 2:54 pm

Hello, as a small German group we would like to invite you to our competition Marburg Open 2021 available on Condor Club. Our racedays will start on february the 19th at 19:00 UTC. Following days of competition will allways be on a friday at 19:00 UTC. For more information visit us at Condor Club.

- The passwort will be sent 2 hours before flight in a small briefing via email. (The one you took for condor club registration)

- The plane class can vary. We recommend to prepare your hangar in following classes:

- Open
- 18m (15m)
- Standard
- Club

- Planeclass "School" or "20m Double" will not be included during competition.
- the lenght of the tasks vary also. The tasks will be between 200 to 250km in average.
- the total of time depends on your flying skills. In average flights will take 2 hours of your time.
- Maps during contest: AA2, Slovenia, West Germany (changes will be noticed on this board)

We simulate radio and offer Teamspeak during competition. There might be many people speaking German, but English is also welcome.

(Login below)

Server: ****** Please set up "push to talk" :) ******
Channel: Marburg Open
Passwort: discus2b

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