Oculus black out

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Brian Collins
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Oculus black out

Post by Brian Collins » Sun May 24, 2020 5:55 pm

Is anybody else suffering annoying black screens when using Oculus? I have tried loads of things to stop it happening, from the obvious updating of drivers, re-starting Oculus run time, checking connections etc etc. I have even run a repair on my Oculus software application. things seem to improve and I can have several days of uninterrupted flying, then it all starts again.

During the latest session I kept getting a black screen then it would revert a second or two later, there would then be a period where it was ok then it did it again. Each time the black screen seeming to last a little longer, until eventually permanent black screen. The annoying thing was I was only six minutes from finishing the task! :x

This time I just started another oculus program and lo and behold that worked fine. This makes me believe there may be a compatibility issue with the Condor program. as soon as I started the other program the black screen disappeared and the I had full virtual reality. However on my Oculus library screen looking at the Condor icon I just had the timer wheel going round and round suggesting that the program had stopped.

This is driving me mad can anybody shed any light on this problem?

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