Condor seems to be frozen:-

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Condor seems to be frozen:-

Post by BB3 » Mon Jul 27, 2020 11:51 pm


Apart from being an understatement, akin to, the mountain arrested my progress.

I am not sure of the cause.
Sudden loss of control with no response. Loss of keyboard command because I could not engage AP. I watched as the glider and mountainside were introduced and read the RIP comments without being able to chat my excuses.

This appeared to also have locked my mouse and keyboard, because neither would work, after control-alt-delete away from the program. Eventually I worked out how to end the task with TAB in task manager, which was showing Condor 2 as not responding and using 1.4gb of memory. After Condor 2 shut down my keyboard and replacement mouse regained function.

Excerpt from log file:-

Landscape refresh stopped at 18:01:51.
Landscape refresh start at 18:03:50.
Landscape refresh stopped at 18:04:17.
NetPlayer disconnected: A.**.
NetPlayer disconnected: K.***.
NetPlayer disconnected: S.**.
NetPlayer disconnected: C.*****.
NetPlayer disconnected: R.***.
NetPlayer disconnected: D.**.
Condor seems to be frozen: Controlers.Polling Device for data: 18:08:58:107.
" " "
Condor seems to be frozen: Controlers.Polling Device for data: 18:09:01:820.

Using Windows 10, which sometimes has freezes due to ' waiting for cache' which may or may not be connected.
The replaced mouse I am embarrassed to admit did not survive the encounter with the mountain. :roll:

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