Rounding differences between on- and offline FTRs

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Rounding differences between on- and offline FTRs

Post by Bre901 » Sat Nov 13, 2021 4:49 pm

Yesterday's Tchin-tchin flights have been classified differently on CC depending if the task was flown on- or offline (first time it happens as far as I know). According to BOD1, this happens because the FPL checksums are different. ... 702e0c683a ... 7ce63a3f8b

I have extracted the FPLs from DGT's FTR that has been flown online and subsequently downloaded from CC, and from the one that I have flown offline and uploaded.
It appears that there is a rounding difference on the duration before departure that I can't explain.

It looks like Condor behaves differently depending on whether the task is flown on- or offline.
As there are 4 FTRs involved, I don't think it has to do with the local CPU.

Edited to add that the FPL extracted from the offline FTR is identical to the original one that has been posted on the condorsim forum.

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Re: Rounding differences between on- and offline FTRs

Post by Paul_UK » Sat Jan 01, 2022 4:35 pm

Only just read this thread.

I can replicate what you see here Bre. If I open one of my own tasks with a 1min Race in and alter it away from 1 and then back again and re-save the FPL it saves with a slightly different RaceStartDelay variable. It seems pretty consistent if it is changed away from 1 min and then inputting the value of 1 using the keyboard instead of clicking with the mouse.

I think the FPL uploaded to your sight was potentially looked at, altered away from 1 but then changed back and re-saved. I'm certain it was re-saved for some reason before upload to your website and that's why there is a difference.

Those who flew offline downloaded it from your website instead of CC I'd assume.
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