Problems with Multiple monitors with Nvidia GPU

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Problems with Multiple monitors with Nvidia GPU

Post by JBlyth » Sat Sep 11, 2021 6:08 am

I have bitten the bullet and bought a flash Gigabyte gaming laptop that has Integrated Graphics as well as a Nvidia RTX 3080 graphic card after having endless crashing problems with an underspeced Surface laptop..

Condor 2 senses the Nvidia card correctly, but it still only shows a single monitor availability, in spite of the fact that I have two external monitors attached via the laptop's graphic ports (HDMI and mini DisplayPort). I have set the Nvidia card to be used for Condor in the Nvidia/Windows 10 settings. However, the only way I can get my external monitors work is to disable the screen on the laptop and third monitor, and I am limited to one monitor only still.

I have had a look through the posts on this forum, and it would seem forcing the program to use the Nvidia card should be working.

[EDIT] I have tried spanning two external monitors, but the bezels in the middle of the field of view drive me mad!

Many thanks.
John in Sunny Carnarvon - Western Australia

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