Oudie MStar USB to Serial in Condor

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Oudie MStar USB to Serial in Condor

Post by BrianDHart » Mon Jun 14, 2021 8:30 pm

Trying to get Condor outputting virtual GPS data to my Oudie 2 so I can practice upcoming live tasks in Condor. I have been through the Bluetooth connection posts here, but to no avail. I have also seen posts about purchasing a specialty cable; however, the cable that came with the Oudie is not just a USB-to-mini-USB cable; it also has a serial port emulator chip built in. The evidence of this is the fact that it appears in the Windows Device Manager as "MStar USB Serial".

But there is no MStart devices driver found via plug-and-play. When I allow Windows to find the driver via Windows Update, it recognizes the device as "Microsoft USB sync", which is the replacement for Microsoft ActiveSync. But this recognizes it as only a USB port; that is, there is no virtual serial (COM) port configuration available in the device manager. And without being able to have it recognized as a COM port, Condor cannot see the port--or the Oudie.

So it seems that I must be missing some device-specific driver for this USB/serial emulator. But everyone still seems to be saying, "Just connect the Oudie to Condor and...". Maybe they are on Windows 7 or something.

Is there a trick to getting the serial emulator/converter functionality of the Oudie working with Windows 10 so Condor can see the device?

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Re: Oudie MStar USB to Serial in Condor

Post by eRock » Tue Jun 15, 2021 11:45 am

I'm not a Oudie owner but base on a quick reading and I'd approach with an USB to serial adaptor put on PC side before connect to the Oudie supplied cable and make sure RX/TX matching from both side..
https://kb.naviter.com/en/kb/pinout-for ... connector/

hope this help..

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