Use of Oculus Quest 2 with Condor 2

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Mark P
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Use of Oculus Quest 2 with Condor 2

Post by Mark P » Mon May 10, 2021 7:11 pm

Does anyone have experience with setting up Oculus Quest 2 with Condor 2 ? - I have successfully used Oculus Rift and I know of people who have used the Rift S, however, Oculus is discontinuing the Rift S.

With my thanks for any guidance

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Re: Use of Oculus Quest 2 with Condor 2

Post by Xavier » Mon May 10, 2021 7:35 pm

The Quest 2 is now directly recognized by Condor, since the last update of Oculus (

Setting up and configuring the software on your PC

1/ Download and install the Oculus software:

(Steam and SteamVR as well as Revive v 1.8.1 are no longer required)

2/ Launch Oculus then :
Oculus -> Settings -> General
Activate : Unknown sources

3/ Configure Condor 2 from the PC desktop for virtual reality
In the SET UP -> Graphics -> click on the VR button
a new window "Set Up Virtual Reality" opens
Check the boxes (be careful for Mirror rendering, you need a powerful graphic card) and set the "Depth perception factor". This is the slider that sensitive souls will be led to reduce to avoid untimely disturbances.

4/ If you haven't already done so, use as many buttons as possible on your flight accessories (Joy Stick etc) so that you have all the main controls at your fingertips: Set Up -> Input -> Assign Controls

Now everything is ready for the PC part and you won't have to come back to it.
Condor2 will be automatically launched in VR. However, you have to restart the PC!

Using the Quest 2 headset to fly in VR on Condor 2

Prepare your headset. It must be charged, the Oculus Link does not always maintain the full charge of the battery during the flight. The important thing is to have the right PD (pupillary distance) and the right eye height in relation to the helmet lenses. Too low or too high is blurry.
Prepare your desk, position your flight accessories (joystick, throttle, rudder and launch TeamSpeak etc..) and put your keyboard within reach. Keep the mouse and one of the oculus joysticks within reach.

Then here is the procedure to follow:

1/ Launch Oculus on your PC

2/ Start your headset by pressing the button on the right

3/ Plug in your Oculus Link and put on your headset
Then adjust your headset on your head, and take an Oculus controller.
From this step everything happens with the headset on your head.

4/ Accept or create or recreate your "Gardian" (protection zone)

5/ In the detached icon bar below the Quest 2 home panel, with the joystick click on the gear on the far right.

6/ Activate Oculus Link, from time to time you will be asked to redo the "Guardian" and allow data exchange again.

7/ A new icon bar appears with a new home screen, it is those of the RiftS

8/ Locate the "virtual desktop" button (a stylized screen), on the right side of the bar just next to the [ + ] key. Click with the joystick on this button and the virtual desktop is displayed (if you have several screens choose: monitor 1 or 2).

The copy of the PC desktop is displayed in the headset. It is then easier to use the mouse rather than the joystick to continue.

9/ To make a multi-player flight, launch your web browser then open the server list page, click on the desired flight and follow the usual protocol. To make a solo flight launch Condor 2 and press Free flight.
Then set the parameters of the flight, launch the flight with " Start Flight ".

10/ An anonymous loading screen is displayed (or not) after a certain time (not one of the welcome screens of the scenery).
At the end of the loading, after a brief moment, you are at the beginning of the VR flight.

Good flights in VR!

Thanks to: patjordan and K6chris for their precious advices in the Quest 2 Feedback topic. On the international forum: This tutorial is directly and largely inspired by their methods. Thanks to the other contributors of this topic for their advice and other remarks. And to Sylvain 2AB, for the remark about Steam and Steam VR.
*****- Xavier - (XDL - VR FAN) *****

Mark P
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Re: Use of Oculus Quest 2 with Condor 2

Post by Mark P » Mon May 10, 2021 9:11 pm

Many thanks for your help - highly appreciated!


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Re: Use of Oculus Quest 2 with Condor 2

Post by SkoggieSkoggie » Wed Jul 28, 2021 1:21 pm

Extremely helpful ...Thanks! Just waiting now for a USBc to USBa adaptor to be delivered so I can connect the Oculus Link cable!

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Re: Use of Oculus Quest 2 with Condor 2

Post by ajdurrani » Sat Dec 17, 2022 11:24 pm

Can Meta Quest 2 work wirelessly with PC to run Condor 2 or a wired link is required? Thanks

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Re: Use of Oculus Quest 2 with Condor 2

Post by cbrunschen » Mon Dec 19, 2022 10:52 am

If your PC is connected with ethernet to a WiFi 6 router that your Quest is in turn connected to, then you can use the wireless "AirLink".

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Re: Use of Oculus Quest 2 with Condor 2

Post by scottrev » Mon Feb 06, 2023 4:07 pm

For VR (which I use 95% of the time) I have the Mach 0.1 keypad from gliderbooks and that makes VR so much easier.

Just something to consider.

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