LXNAV with Condor

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Angry Ivy
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LXNAV with Condor

Post by Angry Ivy » Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:36 am


I was wondering if anyone had some luck in connecting one of the LXNAV instruments (LX8000 or LX9000 series) with condor. In the LX manual I see it might be possible, but before removing the equipment from my glider which is stored in another country, I was hoping to find someone who managed to make this work.

As an extra: LXNAV now has the option to display real life weather on your map. I suppose this should still work while connected to condor? I understand that the real weather displayed on the LX doesn’t reflect the weather in condor, but I would love to play around a bit and see how this works on the instrument before using it in real life.

Anyway, would love to get some input.

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Re: LXNAV with Condor

Post by mbamberg » Sun Aug 29, 2021 7:23 am

I recently bought the LX5PC cable to try my LX9000 with the serial port of my computer.

I'll post here when I figure out all the steps.

Mike B

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Re: LXNAV with Condor

Post by Marsmaensch » Mon Sep 13, 2021 1:47 pm

Connect the LXxxxx via the LX5PC cable to a serial/USB-Serial on your computer, and give the LXxxxx 12V-Power (preferably via a Fuse).
Enter the Condor/Simulator Password on your LXxxxx and setup the Serial port in the Condor menu.
Then Start a flight.

That should be all, if not I don't remember if I had to adjust a baud rate.

You have to realize however, that the vario data is not being used by the LXxxxx (as this expects vario data from another source) so some info boxes as well as the whole vario unit wont show the data you expect from condor (mostly just static 0 because it sits on your table or is not even connected).

(Weather display of whatever happens outside should work fine)

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