Oculus Go/ Xctrack/ AlphaPliot/iPhone

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Oculus Go/ Xctrack/ AlphaPliot/iPhone

Post by yakernz » Tue Jul 14, 2020 1:11 am

Sorry if this has been answered before, I am new to gliding but not new to the Paragliding world. I have a few devices that I am looking to use with Condor 2 and can’t see any easy answers.

1./ Oculus Go which doesn’t seem to work with anything useful. Has anyone got this working?
2/ I use Flyskyhy on iPhone and is clearly one of the best phone based instruments for paragliding. Anyone got some time to port condor output into this app. I have Rene the Flyskyhy developer ready to give some advice.
3/ What is the best iPhone based external flight instrument app, which works today with Condor2
4/ XC Track is another very popular app in the paragliding world and has superseded by Tophat and other previous versions. It’s a far more usable app for a newbie and experienced pilots. Has anyone got XC,Track working?

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