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Port Forwarding for Hosting in Multiplayer from the mobile network

Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2020 8:06 pm
by HanSchmid
Hi everyone,

i struggled a lot to host a dedicated condor server, because I am using my mobile phone to get into the internet. As I discovered, inside the mobile network the providers are using CG NAT ( which makes things quite complicated.

The best explanation is having a look at the IP-adresses, which are used.
  • Public IP:
  • Provider Wide Area Network IP:
  • IP inside the Home WLAN:
To get the condor server working, you need a lot of Port Forwardings. The Client will just call the public IP which is stated above.

The First Forward will be the most difficult one:
  • From Public IP to the Wide Area Network.
    Most of the Providers do not allow that step, so you have to trick a lot. The trick is called a virtual private network (VPN) with allowed port forwarding. The costs of these are around 11 US Dollar per month, but i am not sure if there are VPN-Servers for free. I have used Windscribe and just bought a static IP-Adress to get the Port-Forwarding. These are the Settings:

Why did I change the Port?
The Condor Port:56278 is in my special case not allowed as a source port. I had to use a different one, so i choose 35867 as source port. The Destination Port should stay as 56278 or else you will not be able to join your own server (which would be quite sad :( ). This are the settings of the server:
The Second Forward is well know to us:
  • From Wide Area Network to the Home WLAN.
    This setting can be done inside your home WLAN-Router and you should forward both ports.
Why should you forward both ports?
If you are hosting any Server inside a VPN, the Port Forward will only work if someone from outside of the VPN connects to the server, inside the VPN the ports are not forwarded. If you would like to fly on your server, you fly inside the Wide Area Network, which is in this case a LAN-Server. This is the reason why I recommend to host the Server with the standard port, or else you are not able to find your server inside the wide area network. If you have launched the server, you just press "refresh" and you will see your internal VPN Wide Area Network IP-Adress with your server name.

Unfortunally everbody who tries to connect has to know the hosted Port of the server, because the server sends the Standard Port the Serverlist and not the Port from which he can be actually reached. (The Server does not know about the forwarding inside the Wide Area Network and the change of the Port). The easiest way is to create a name where you remind everybody to change the port, or you recommend everybody to save the server in the Adress Book of Condor.

Best Greetings from the German Virtual Aero Club DVAeC,
Han Schmid

Re: Port Forwarding for Hosting in Multiplayer from the mobile network

Posted: Sun May 09, 2021 9:13 pm
by congo
That is quite different to hosting in the regular way from a normal wired connection without a VPN !

I used to host multiple dedicated servers on a laptop where the ports were:


and I would also host on my PC with 56279 ....... all forwarded of course.

Indeed, DS Helper allows the individual ports to be set on each dedicated server,
and I think you can do it without DS Helper as well.

There were no connectivity issues regarding remote clients, and they did not need
the port number when connecting through the server list either.

You can check to see if YOU are connecting to the LAN host by the ping rate in MP game.