Flat_Land_Club is completing its first year

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Flat_Land_Club is completing its first year

Post by 6266 » Tue Oct 05, 2021 12:27 pm

06.10.2020 started the server Flat_Land_Club, first flight on it was two days later. Tomorrow it starts its second year. Originally it was only made for flatland tasks and club class. In spring opened the server for all classes, but still only flatland. To the existing 60 club tasks were added 60 all tasks to fly with all planes. So far so good.

All tasks are without turnpoint helpers, so there are two planes left that are not flyable on Flat_Land_Club: Grunau Baby and SG 38.

Today I added a task only for these two planes. It's a very short task with good conditions, 31,4 km from Achmer to Münster-Osnabrück in West Germany. Turnpoint helpers range is 1 km, the sector around the turnpoints is 360 degrees with 1 km radius. So if you see the helper you are in the sector and you can make the photo with the left wing and the bottom of the helper on the screen. That's not necessary on the finish. Of course you can fly it with every plane, but because of the minimum index corrected distance of 50 km only these two planes will get more than 50 kilometers for that task and the result will be imported.

I flew the task yesterday and I liked it very much, maybe I purchase the SG 38 one day and try it again, need round about 4000 m climb to do it ;-). In near future I will add some tasks more without PDA, maybe 60 - 80 km tasks in my old homeland.

Achmer is a good place to fly vintage gliders. The local club IRL has connections to the vintage scene. I liked to be a member of the model club (MFC Osnabrück) beside that airfield in the early 90th, it was my best time with model sailplanes.

All tasks on FLC start on the ground. The 120 tasks with PDA use aerotow, but the none PDA tasks will start with the winch.

You can start all tasks online, but you have to take what's actually on the playlist. If you want to fly another selected task, you can download the flight plan from the homepage and fly it offline. If you want to import the result, you can do it with the igc-file saved in the Condor analysis.

Thanks to all who tried and used Flat_Land_Club so long. Hope you will enjoy the new task (s)
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