Join us on a Canada-to-Mexico Condor XC Safari starting Fri Oct 1, 9p ET

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Join us on a Canada-to-Mexico Condor XC Safari starting Fri Oct 1, 9p ET

Post by hess8 » Tue Sep 28, 2021 1:12 am

TeamXC is experimenting this fall with soaring safaris on the Condor simulator. We’ll be starting Fri Oct 1 9p ET from Tipella, Canada (40 nm north of the border, the furthest point north on the Cascade Range landscape) and working our way south over the weeks to Rosario, Mexico, the most southern airport in the Baja California landscape. Safari here means that each task’s southern-most airport becomes the start airport for the next task which will generally go further south. The path south is undecided and will evolve over the safari; it probably won’t be very direct. We don’t skimp: we will have at least 8 tow planes following us :)

We fly Mon, Fri 9p ET on the "TeamXC Group" server which appears on public servers about 25 minutes before flight time. The best server list (IMO) is because it’s easy to read and can be sorted by name, but you’ll also find us at . We hope you’ll get your headset on and talk with us on Discord at in the lobby.

Anyone can join us for any number of days, and jump in and out of the safari. There is no registration, but if you want email updates, please request to join

We score each day’s flight on for fun, and to overlay/animate everyone’s tracks, but don’t keep any running scoreboard (join group “TeamXC” on skylinescondor so your track will show with the others). The scoring is OLC+, which is based on distance and triangle, not speed. So we usually specify only two points for a day’s decide how to make a triangle if you can. Most pilots fly from 1.5 to 3 hours a night. There is no real join time deadline, so you can come late (we do this by not using Condor scoring and never trigger or use the gates). If you can’t fly with the group, we publish the task in advance so you can also fly the task early or late and post it to skylinescondor.

Here are other Safaris we’re thinking about, in terms of the Condor landscapes we’d use. To see how the landscapes fit together, see map

1. Cascades > California > Baja California (north to south)

2. Arc Alpin 2 (across the arc from France to Austria then to southern Italy, maybe back to France)

3. Atacama C2 > NW Argentina > Salta Tucuman > La Rioja Copiapo > Coquimbo > Transandino > Talca > Temuco > Pumalin Park > West Patagonia. (North to south along the Andes)

4. Saquanay Quebec > Eastern Ontario > New England > Wurtsboro > Allegheny Ridges > Ridge West 2 > Georgia USA2 > Nfsoaring > Florida 2 (north to south with a couple of small gaps in landscape coverage)

5. Tucson Soaring > Estrella > Arizona 2 > Nephi > Logan2 > Yellowstone Park > NW Montana > Southern Alberta > Rocky Mountains 2 (South to north with a couple of gaps in landscapes coverage)

TeamXC has been hosting OLC-type Condor simulator flights for almost three years, focusing on cooperation and exploration over competition, while flying challenging tasks with a wide range of weather conditions. See for more details. It’s a fluid group and those who come back for more make a great bunch of guys, because it’s self-sorting: the cooperative but often difficult tasks we fly and low-key scoring discourage the cranky big egos. Most of the members fly real gliders, with about as many RC pilots. We support and encourage all skill levels.

If you’ve made it to this point reading this long post, you know a lot! But email me or reply if you have questions, or post on Discord or


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