Flat_Land_Club now open for all classes

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Flat_Land_Club now open for all classes

Post by 6266 » Mon May 24, 2021 9:59 am

Flat_Land_Club is running since October 2020, at the end with 60 tasks in flat land for club class between 80 and 130 km. You can fly all tasks online or offline, offline it was possible to use planes from School too.

Now FLC is open for all classes. Each club task has got a sister task of type "All", same start and finish, same weather conditions but longer, between 130 and 220 km. Online you can fly the "Club" tasks only with planes of club class in Condor, but the "All" tasks with every plane. Only planes without PDA can't fly the tasks because there are no turnpoint helpers. By the way ASW 20 is moved to 15m class, you can fly it in "Club" tasks online too, because it's club in Condor, but in FLC it will be listed in 15m class.

Offline you can fly all 120 tasks, "Club" and "All", with all planes, so you have the choice from a 85 km task with an EB29 up to a 217 km with a K8, but all tasks in flat land.

FLC uses 15 different Landscapes, mainly in North Europe, but some tasks in f.x. California and Kuban too.

The results of the flights are published anonymized on http:/www.baleit.no/flc.nsf. Every pilot gets a number (FCN FLC Competition Number) by random for one year, so you find all your flights of the year with the same FCN, next year you get a new FCN. The reason for that is first of all to give a platform for all. You can try to fly tasks here without beeing listed on the bottom of a result list with your name.

A specially thank to hitzi and his tool DSHelper, without that tool it would not be possible to do this.

See more informations on http:/www.baleit.no/flc.nsf

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