Host disconnected

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Host disconnected

Post by Riaba-Aggr » Sun Jan 24, 2021 10:22 pm

Recently, I have some regular disconnect issues in multiplayer during the race. It is not a lag or internet connection issue.
Teamspeak and other connections remain. Router does not receive a new IP address. PC is connected by LAN cable. The 'host disconnected' message comes suddenly without any lags or ping spikes and is displayed on client and server simultaneously.
Attached, client log file.
Any help is appreciated...

Condor version: 2160
Creating splash screen.
Loading cursors.
Loading fonts.
Creating controlers.
Creating client.
Creating replay.
Creating flighttrack.
Loading GUI skins.
Loading skin hash list.
Checking skin hash list.
Saving skin hash list.
Reading language.
Writing installdir.
Reading lastplayer.
Reading defaultlandscape.
Loading Setup.
Destroying splash screen.


Debug mode: False, False.
Creating window.
0: AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series.
VIDEO RAM: 1014.8 Mb.
1: Microsoft Basic Render Driver.
VIDEO RAM: 0.0 Mb.
SELECTED: AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series.
VIDEO RAM: 1014.8 Mb.
Monitor: \\.\DISPLAY1.
Left: 0.
Right: 1680.
Top: 0.
Bottom: 1050.
Attached to desktop: True.
Initializing DirectX 11 framework.
Window size: 1680 x 1050.
Created D3D11 Device.
Created Swap Chain.
Created RenderTarget View.
Created DepthStencil Texture.
Created DepthStencil View.
Created DepthStencil ShaderResourceView.
Created 1 swap chains.
Finished initializing DirectX 11.
Creating game objects.
Initializing controlers.
Force feedback not initialized.
Initializing TrackIR.
Init_TrackIR_Dll failed with error code: 4.
TrackIR initialization failed.
Creating Scene.
Creating HUD.
Creating Sound.
Loading sounds.
Creating Flightcomp.
Loading polar data.
Loading turnpoints.
Creating home airfield.
Creating Ghosts.
Creating Avion.
Creating Cameras.
Creating World.
Creating Land.
Creating Ground objects.
Creating Sun.
Creating Sky.
Creating Wind.
Creating Thermals.
Creating High Clouds.
Creating Middle Clouds.
Creating Turbulence.
Creating CloudFog.
Creating LiftHelp.
Creating TaskHelpers.
Creating Airports.
Creating CloudShadows.
Initializing Sun.
Initializing Airports.
Computing coarseHeightMap.
Caching terrain.
Tesselating Land.
TaskHelpers AfterTesselate.
Airports AfterTesselate.
Initializing Thermals.
HighClouds AfterRefresh.
Initializing middle clouds.
Initializing cloud shadows.
Initializing Avion.
Loading Avion.PlaneData from JS3-18.
Creating Avion.Water.
Creating Avion.Wheelsmoke.
Creating Avion.Smoke.
Creating Avion.GeometryIE.
Creating Avion.GeometryS.
Creating Avion.Skin.
Creating Avion.PolarData.
Creating Avion.FusPolarData.
Creating Avion.Stress.
Creating Avion.Damage.
Creating Avion.Flex.
Creating Avion.RCN.
Creating Avion.Panel.
Creating Avion.Pilot.
Preparing for start.
Initializing Cameras.
Initializing FlightTrack.
Initializing FlightComp.
Initializing GroundObjects.
Loading Network Players.
Requesting start slot....
Initializing timer.
Aquiring controlers.

NetPlayer disconnected: S.Klein.
NetPlayer disconnected: B.Nuebling.
NetPlayer connected: S.Klein.
NetPlayer connected: B.Nuebling.
NetPlayer disconnected: B.Nuebling.
NetPlayer disconnected: F.lugschuler.
NetPlayer disconnected: S.Riek.
NetPlayer connected: F.lugschuler.
NetPlayer connected: S.Riek.
NetPlayer connected: B.Nuebling.
NetPlayer disconnected: B.Nuebling.
NetPlayer connected: B.Nuebling.
NetPlayer disconnected: F.lugschuler.
NetPlayer connected: F.lugschuler.
Landscape refresh start at 23:53:46.
Landscape refresh stopped at 23:53:54.
Landscape refresh start at 23:56:20.
Landscape refresh stopped at 23:56:30.
Landscape refresh start at 23:57:40.
Landscape refresh stopped at 23:57:48.
Landscape refresh start at 23:58:58.
Landscape refresh stopped at 23:59:06.
Landscape refresh start at 00:00:21.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:00:27.
Save RaceResults.
Stop DPClient.
Free NetPlayers.
Free DPClient and ClockSynch.
Landscape refresh start at 00:01:49.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:01:56.
Landscape refresh start at 00:03:06.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:03:12.
Landscape refresh start at 00:07:43.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:07:47.
Landscape refresh start at 00:09:29.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:09:34.
Landscape refresh start at 00:11:18.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:11:22.
Landscape refresh start at 00:12:56.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:13:01.
Landscape refresh start at 00:13:53.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:13:57.
Landscape refresh start at 00:14:41.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:14:46.
Landscape refresh start at 00:16:36.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:16:42.
Landscape refresh start at 00:18:22.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:18:27.
Landscape refresh start at 00:20:57.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:21:03.
Landscape refresh start at 00:27:47.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:27:53.
Landscape refresh start at 00:29:23.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:29:29.
Landscape refresh start at 00:32:03.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:32:11.
Landscape refresh start at 00:34:04.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:34:10.
Landscape refresh start at 00:35:28.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:35:34.
Landscape refresh start at 00:37:03.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:37:11.
Landscape refresh start at 00:38:11.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:38:15.
Landscape refresh start at 00:38:39.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:38:44.
Landscape refresh start at 00:41:52.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:41:58.
Landscape refresh start at 00:43:15.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:43:21.
Landscape refresh start at 00:45:16.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:45:25.
Landscape refresh start at 00:47:19.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:47:25.
Landscape refresh start at 00:49:00.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:49:07.
Landscape refresh start at 00:50:44.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:50:49.
Landscape refresh start at 00:55:25.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:55:34.
Landscape refresh start at 00:57:03.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:57:09.
Landscape refresh start at 00:59:52.
Landscape refresh stopped at 00:59:58.
Landscape refresh start at 01:00:56.
Landscape refresh stopped at 01:01:00.
Landscape refresh start at 01:01:19.
Landscape refresh stopped at 01:01:27.
Landscape refresh start at 01:02:31.
Landscape refresh stopped at 01:02:37.
Landscape refresh start at 01:03:39.
Landscape refresh stopped at 01:03:45.
Exit flight initiated by user.

Compute flight info.
Write to pilot logbook.
Destroy Effects.
Destroy ThickLines.
Destroy Billboards.
Destroy Textures11.
Unaquire controlers.
Free scene.
Free hud.
Free cameras.
Free avion.
Free ghosts.
Free sounds.
Free world.
Free flightcomp.
Free debugtext.
Destroy all geometries.
Destroy Profilers.
Destroying DirectX 11 framework.
Destroying window.
Reading language.
Writing installdir.
Reading lastplayer.
Reading defaultlandscape.
Loading Setup.
Destroying splash screen.

Free controlers.
Free client.
Free replay.
Free flighttrack.
Free mapbitmap.
Remove FontResources.

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Re: Host disconnected

Post by kgc » Mon Jan 03, 2022 6:58 pm

Yes. I got the same failure twice while hosting multiplayer from within Condor. I'm running Condor 2.1.7 on Windows 11.
I had no issues with older Condor versions on Windows 10.
I'm planning to use the Dedicated Server instead.

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