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Is there any way to require prompt for pilot selection?

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2023 5:25 pm
by BrianDHart
We have several different pilots, mostly some of our 23 youth members, all practicing flying Condor2 on the same computer. We want each of them to have their own log files to keep track of flights & progress. We create a new pilot profile for each of them, but a problem will occur when some random user sits down and wants to start flying. Their flight will end up in the last-logged-on pilot's log file.

For now, we ask each user to switch back to a generic pilot profile we have set up.

But is there a setting in Condor2 that will not simply allow selection of a pilot and/or not default to the last pilot but instead require selection of a pilot before each session or flight or not default to to the last pilot?