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Consistent wave conditions in weather setup

Posted: Sat Oct 21, 2023 2:45 pm
During last winter, I spent most of my Condor time in preparing a task of 300km on Italian Central Alps: I don't know if it is a significant fact, but I got the FAI 300km task at the first attempt (In Real Life, of course).

Now, I'm seeking for the 3000m of altitude gain, and in my fly area it can be done with a wave soaring.

I would like to use Condor to understand how to use wave soaring: try to understand in which weather conditions the waves phenomenon occurs and where it can be generated.

I don't really know if this is a proper challenge for Condor, but I would like to ask you any suggestion or recommendation in weather setting in order to have a consistent wave condition.

Thanks and best regards to all of You.