x is not a valid integer

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x is not a valid integer

Post by ki5ka » Wed Jun 07, 2023 1:38 am

When I attempt to open Condor 2, I get the messages:

" "X " is not a valid integer value."
"Access violation at address 006E4857 in module 'Condor.exe'. Read of address 00000000."

Any idea what is up here?


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Re: x is not a valid integer

Post by Paul_UK » Wed Jun 07, 2023 7:25 am

I'm unsure but in your documents folder is a directory called Condor. Back up what is in there to somewhere, delete it all and then start Condor again and see what happens. In doing this it'll be like starting Condor fresh however, you'll need to create your pilot again, name / CN and set your controls etc (I think).

You'll probably want to copy files like FPL's back into that folder once you get Condor working again. You might be able to copy some of the others back too, but if that fixes your issue one of the older files caused it, at least you can use process of elimination to figure out which.
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