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There's no other like Condor !

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2023 9:07 am
by jcomm
After a while away from playing Condor, last week I decided to start it again, use Portugal v2 scenery and together with a group of friends with whom I usually fly from LPMN, try a few tasks that are actually frequently flown IRL.

I always go for RANDOM weather, create the Server and we're ready to go in just a couple minutes.

The way Condor models Soaring Weather is simply unbeatable, and no matter how some of the new general purpose flight simulators can look tempting, specially MFS 2020 with it's scenery technology, truth is their flight dynamics and weather modelling are so detached from reality that after the initial experience and WOWs! with the scenery, it proves totally useless, unless just for task debrief...

XP12 with it's more sophisticated flight model doesn't do gliders the right way. It's probably due to some of the limitations on X-Plane's flight dynamics model, and it puzzles me because otherwise it is usually much more competent than MFS 2020, but, nah... gliders just don't feel like they do in my good old Condorsoaring :-)

Now, really looking fwd into Condorsoaring 3...

And a suggestion - what if some day one could create an application that could bridge Condor to MFS, that way being able to alternatively fly Condorsoaring while using MFS 2020 as a scenery browser? OFC there should be some way to properly make the thermals / clouds / ridge / wave match between the two, and I am not sure if the MFS SDK allows for such a level of detail (soaring spot geo-reference), but t's an idea... :-)