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Condor and Lx 9070

Posted: Sat May 15, 2021 2:50 am
by memoryjb
Greetings Condor officianados,

I have just managed to connect Condor to my lxnav 9070 and the lx is actually receiving nmea stream from Condor. So far so good. The maps work and lx recognises where I am in the world, and as I fly the lx reflects it properly (as far as I can tell).

Some issues though, the stream appears to be deficient or lx is not processing it. Problem is some nav boxes are not populating or are reading very oddly. Example AGL has no correlation to pda on screen, ie if I'm at 2000 ft in condor shows 45 feet on lx, and no matter what I do the AGL does not adjust to what I am doing in condor.

Similarly when I activate the vario on lxnav, nothing shows, ie no reading. The upshot is of course the lx provides no useful graphics or data, other than where I am. (unlike xcsoar)

lx explain it by saying Condor does not send all data, therefore not an lx problem, but when I use xcsoar as many of you do, all data is there and all nav boxes work.

If there is anyone who can enlighten me, or assist me to trouble shoot (other than stop using lx), I would appreciate it. Regards, Jacob

Re: Condor and Lx 9070

Posted: Sat May 15, 2021 9:11 am
by memoryjb

It appears as though the nmea stream which Condor supplies is only used for the map function on the lx90xx. There is no information provided to the flight computer as such, so no useful information for training purposes with Condor. Apparently lxnav requires airdata from a vario source. That explains why its not used generally and there are no online threads. Shame lxnav don't provide such functionality, and it explains why xcsoar is so widely used.