CondorCheck2: English version now available [v2.4.03]

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CondorCheck2: English version now available [v2.4.03]

Post by lemontois » Tue May 12, 2020 11:50 am

In 2018, I adapted for Condor2 a tool that I had developed for Condor.
This is CondorCheck2.
This utility is used to provide information on the installation of Condor2 and to perform some checks (see details below).
CondorCheck2 was initially available only in French , I am pleased to announce the availability of the internationalized version (French/English) of CondorCheck2 for Condor2.

A quick tour of the features of CondorCheck2 tab by tab:

- Display and check of the installation directories of Condor2 and of the user
- International version (FR / EN) with auto-detection
- Buttons to explore the directories
- Buttons to create a shortcut of directories on the desktop
- Condor2 / Planes license control in place (will require a new version of CondorCheck2 when new gliders available)
- Link to CondorSoaring order page

Registry Database:
- Possibility of exporting all or part of the registry entries linked to Condor2.
- Ability to rename exports to ".txt"

Disc Resources:
- Graph representing by physical volume their capacity and occupation, as well as the place occupied by Condor2 on each of them.

- Display of the different base directories of Condor2 with the disk size they occupy in the installation and user directories

- List of the different gliders and towplanes with the number of skins in place as well as the disk size occupied

- List and verification of the basic objects of the installed scenes with the disk occupation for each of them.
- Several levels of details possible for the scene verification (identical to the Basic verification of SceneryCheck2)
- It is indicated if the scene is relocated to another drive via a junction or a symbolic link
- Link to CondorUpdater (Condor-club)

The result of the scene checks (from "Landscapes" tab).
- delete the content of the results displayed
- save the result in a text file
- copy the result to the clipboard.

  • You will find below the link to the announcement in the French forum (it includes the latest zipped version of CondorCheck2 (V2.4.03 of 08/05/2020) at the head of the post).
    :arrow: ... 39&t=16670
    You may need to register to the French forum to access this post.
  • :!: A new version will be made available each time a new optional glider is available (references to new optional gliders are hardcoded).
  • No installation is necessary, just copy CondorCheck2.exe to the directory you want (not necessarily that of Condor2).

Hope this will help.
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PDS - Lemontois

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My Tools for Condor2: CondorCheck2[FR/EN] - SceneryCheck2[FR/EN] - CondorRacesRefly2[FR]
CondorCheck2 & SceneryCheck2 also available at Soaring Tools

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