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are on the way..

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Well, You can make more tasks like this, but I think the one who did follow the right guy, to be sure to one person, Karsten which is one of the best pilots in Condor for years now. He is always flying well, and thats what the others do if they follow him. In this task I tought the one who does not make a mistake wins, and well the ones who did follow the good pilots are getting points here.

I didn't start this task with a plan and did ask what Karsten would do after we flew togheter till 100km before tp I got lost without they told me they would wait a bit in the wave and I had like 60km of ridgegliding, was kind of boring and I landed because there was no fun anymore. Exactly I was kinda happy about my flight because I had my plan after I got in troubles.

Anyway +1 for this kind of tasks KL more of them please.

To all others of here, Skyrace is trying to improve their tasks to the reality, not to the fun amazing speeds with 180kmh which exactly never will happen anywhere.

Go ON Sky-Race

Regards JJJ
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Post by Polewka » Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:17 am

Fox9 wrote:1. Accept that the task are made for experts and be quiet
2. Stop Condor flying
3. Make your own competition
Fox9 wrote:3. Changes
We need no more and more challenging tasks, which are mission
impossible for a lot of pilots. There are a challenge for the
tasksetters, to create interesting tasks doable for experts,
profis and amateurs. The challenge for the pilots should be the
average speed. To keep motivation high, we can make individual
scoring for every group. If the Condor community is big enough,
we can make competitions for experts, profis and amateurs.
In this case the challenge of a task can adjust to every group.
Changed your mind?

Don't get me wrong, due to the fact that point 2 and 3 are too difficult for me, from now on I'll be quiet... :wink: (probably)

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Still very curious for the results ;)

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I never said that I want to fly with 2m/s, 1m/s is okay too. But when I fly in Hahnweide then I want to fly flatland okay!? I think flatland is more fun than ridge gliding. And @Fox9 you don't tell me what I have to do. Don't be so aggressive okay? I wrote you can write down your opinion here but don't attack other pilots!!! I'm very happy that I know that not anyone so antisozial like you!!! That's again my opinion about you!!!
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can this topic be closed please?

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19 wrote:can this topic be closed please?
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I am still recalculting all SR racing days and compirng IGCs for final overall results. I assume it will be done in deep night, because still I have to leave my PC fo a few hours. Sry and yes, this topic will better closed.