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r montiel
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Post by r montiel » Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:17 am

Thx to the Skyrace team for this exciting race. :D
I enjoyed a lot, it was a really extreme task. Almost the entire flight flying at 1100 m. alt.

I flew in 2045 UTC server - 18 m. glider ASG29
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Post by cruiser » Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:25 am

Is it possible to get 00UTC server pwd ? (current one)
I'd still like to fly the task (will not upload results)

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Post by Freebird » Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:47 am

Never started the task :( my Track IR died & caused numerous reboots while I was trying to get it to work :( my favorite toy dead... feeling depressed now.

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Post by Pityesz » Sat Jan 24, 2009 8:48 am

Nice race! Thanks for the organizers!
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Post by blazius » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:10 am

results for last day?

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Post by 22 » Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:35 pm

Temporary scoreboard without IGC scoring..overall coming soon, I am solving any problem yet.

Standard class:
1,Finished,Erik.Praznovsky,3P,OM-ERYC,Discus2,193.9 km,01:15:50,153.4 km/h,1 p,999 p,,0
2,Finished,Jack.Hart,JH,N1123W,Discus2,193.9 km,01:18:18,148.6 km/h,0 p,955 p,,0
3,Finished,Pavel.Foldyna,OO,OK-8540,ASW28,193.9 km,01:21:09,143.4 km/h,0 p,907 p,,0
4,Finished,Jan.Michalek,Y77,JERRY,Discus2,193.9 km,01:21:25,142.9 km/h,0 p,903 p,,0
5,Finished,Mirek.Jezek,MJJ,OK-9720,LS8,193.9 km,01:26:01,135.3 km/h,0 p,833 p,,0
6,Finished,Vidas.Berzinskas,V7,LY-GBK,LS8,193.9 km,01:30:56,127.9 km/h,0 p,766 p,,0
7,Finished,Reinhold.Mallik,RMM,D-2899,LS8,193.9 km,01:31:15,127.5 km/h,0 p,761 p,,0
8,Finished,Radek.Mica,RM,OK-5417,LS8,193.9 km,01:34:10,123.5 km/h,0 p,725 p,,0
9,Finished,Tobias.Werner,TW,D-8575,LS8,193.9 km,01:37:21,119.5 km/h,0 p,688 p,,0
10,Finished,Oliver.Wissing,FF,D-9435,LS8,193.9 km,01:41:21,114.8 km/h,0 p,645 p,,0
11,Finished,Michal.Strzeszewski,EMS,SP-3829,ASW28,193.9 km,01:44:37,111.2 km/h,0 p,612 p,,0
12,Finished,Jan.Kristof,AF,OK-8710,LS8,193.9 km,01:51:26,104.4 km/h,0 p,549 p,,0
13,Finished,R.Pupush,LF,OK-0819,LS8,193.9 km,02:09:48,89.6 km/h,0 p,529 p,,0

14,Crashed,Alexander.Diepeveen,ALE,PH-790,LS8,162.6 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
15,Crashed,Peter.Kravec,PK1,OM-OME,Discus2,162.6 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
16,Racing,Juergen.Kartnaller,JUK,OE-JUKA,LS8,159.2 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
17,Crashed,Ladislav.Cervinka,LAD,OK-1979,ASW28,140.5 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0

15 m class:
1,Finished,Simon.Berx,S1,OO-ZSB,Ventus2,193.9 km,01:04:11,181.3 km/h,0 p,1000 p,,0
2,Finished,H.Blazz,HBH,HUUU,ASW27,193.9 km,01:05:06,178.7 km/h,0 p,984 p,,0
3,Finished,Barbu.Gypaete,YW,HB-1966,ASW27,193.9 km,01:05:54,176.5 km/h,0 p,970 p,,0
4,Finished,Balogh.Andras,66,HA-5117,ASW27,193.9 km,01:08:22,170.2 km/h,0 p,930 p,,0
5,Finished,Sandor.Laurinyecz,LS,HA-4483,ASW27,193.9 km,01:08:35,169.6 km/h,0 p,926 p,,0
6,Finished,nko.volov,NV,NIOL,Ventus2,193.9 km,01:08:35,169.6 km/h,0 p,926 p,,0
7,Finished,O.Lvox,OL,EU-BOF,Ventus2,193.9 km,01:08:40,169.4 km/h,0 p,925 p,,0
8,Finished,Istvan.Urban,UP,PIT-ASS,ASW27,193.9 km,01:10:18,165.5 km/h,0 p,900 p,,0
9,Finished,Janos.Bauer,55,D-1255,Ventus2,193.9 km,01:10:56,164 km/h,0 p,891 p,,0
10,Finished,Tomek.Uzarowski,UZI,SP-1212,ASW27,193.9 km,01:11:23,163 km/h,0 p,884 p,,0
11,Finished,Daniel.Galuszka,YYY,SP-3049,ASW27,193.9 km,01:11:28,162.8 km/h,0 p,883 p,,0
12,Finished,P.Geza,GP9,HA-PG,ASW27,193.9 km,01:15:40,153.8 km/h,0 p,825 p,,0
13,Finished,Borislav.Antolovic,41,9A-CILA,ASW27,193.9 km,01:16:29,152.1 km/h,1 p,814 p,,0
14,Finished,Zsolt.Mattburger,MZS,HA-MACI,Ventus2,193.9 km,01:17:42,149.7 km/h,0 p,800 p,,0
15,Finished,Marcin.Tworuszka,1MT,SP-3016,ASW27,193.9 km,01:17:53,149.4 km/h,0 p,798 p,,0
16,Finished,philip.bradshaw,44,WASPY,Ventus2,193.9 km,01:18:29,148.2 km/h,1 p,789 p,,0
17,Finished,Zoran.okara,ZO,9A-FFF,ASW27,193.9 km,01:18:54,147.5 km/h,0 p,786 p,,0
18,Finished,Stephan.Minbielle,STM,NT-BX33,ASW27,193.9 km,01:19:14,146.8 km/h,0 p,782 p,,0
19,Finished,Lionel.VIRELY,4V,F-CVRY,ASW27,193.9 km,01:20:54,143.8 km/h,0 p,762 p,,0
20,Finished,Daniel.Krizanec,DK9,9A-KRIZ,Ventus2,193.9 km,01:27:28,133 km/h,0 p,694 p,,0
21,Finished,Pavel.Schukin,PAV,RU-BEST,ASW27,193.9 km,01:28:19,131.7 km/h,0 p,686 p,,0
22,Finished,Valery.Shapoval,VEL,RUS-023,ASW27,193.9 km,01:28:40,131.2 km/h,0 p,682 p,,0
23,Finished,Wojtek.Pelczarski,BOR,SP-2541,ASW27,193.9 km,01:31:11,127.6 km/h,0 p,659 p,,0
24,Finished,B.Jensen,48,OY-LIFT,ASW27,193.9 km,01:36:38,120.4 km/h,0 p,617 p,,0
25,Finished,Antal.Szucs,SIR,Siraly,Ventus2,193.9 km,01:37:24,119.4 km/h,0 p,617 p,,0
26,Finished,Zoltan.Sinka,SZ,HA-1234,Ventus2,193.9 km,01:44:37,111.2 km/h,0 p,617 p,,0
27,Finished,Ryan.Wood,931,931,ASW27,193.9 km,02:52:45,67.3 km/h,0 p,617 p,,0
28,Finished,Axel.Top,RA6,TOP,ASW27,193.9 km,01:46:21,109.4 km/h,1 p,616 p,,0

29,Landed,Dr.Diman,DRD,DRDIMAN,ASW27,193.8 km, , ,0 p,616 p,,0
30,Landed,Piotr.Raczynski,PIT,SP-2901,ASW27,68.9 km, , ,0 p,219 p,,0
31,Landed,Victor.Victor-WWS,WWS,RU-1920,ASW27,18.7 km, , ,0 p,59 p,,0
32,Crashed,Frank.Paynter,TA,N62TW,Ventus2,187.7 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
33,Crashed,Red.Alex,GDY,SP-RDA,ASW27,164 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
34,Crashed,C.mon,COM,CONAIR,ASW27,135.9 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
35,Crashed,Xavier.Bousquet,XB,F-XBXB,ASW27,23 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
36,Crashed,Sasa.Mihajlovic,SM1,9A-GSM1,ASW27,22.3 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
37,Crashed,Tornyai.Janos,FLY,HA-1969,ASW27,21.2 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
38,Crashed,Pavel.Schukin,PAV,RU-BEST,ASW27,20.5 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
39,Crashed,Sergej.Tarasov,SRG,RUS-093,ASW27,20.5 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
40,Crashed,Vladimir.Bardin,14,EU-HIGH,ASW27,4.1 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0

18 m class:
1,Finished,Karsten.Leucker,KL,D-4734,ASG29,193.9 km,01:02:53,185 km/h,0 p,1000 p,,0
2,Finished,Jeroen.Jennen,JJJ,D-1688,ASG29,193.9 km,01:03:05,184.4 km/h,0 p,997 p,,0
3,Finished,Roberto.Montiel,RMQ,EC-RMQ,ASG29,193.9 km,01:04:50,179.4 km/h,0 p,971 p,,0
4,Finished,Jarmo.Karjalainen,JKK,OH-HML,ASG29,193.9 km,01:06:33,174.8 km/h,0 p,947 p,,0
5,Finished,Emmanuel.Quartier,EQ,GOLGOTH,Ventus2cx,193.9 km,01:08:12,170.6 km/h,0 p,925 p,,0
6,Finished,Fil.Sykora,FIL,OK-3316,ASG29,193.9 km,01:08:42,169.3 km/h,0 p,918 p,,0
7,Finished,Martin.Kozar,MK1,OM-2002,Ventus2cx,193.9 km,01:09:04,168.4 km/h,0 p,914 p,,0
8,Finished,Gabor.Herczeg,HER,HER-001,ASG29,193.9 km,01:12:00,161.6 km/h,0 p,878 p,,0
9,Finished,Martin.Krapf,MCC,OK-1411,Ventus2cx,193.9 km,01:12:38,160.2 km/h,0 p,870 p,,0
10,Finished,Martin.Semrad,MSE,OK-DAR,Ventus2cx,193.9 km,01:13:13,158.9 km/h,0 p,864 p,,0
11,Finished,Matt.McKrell,MM,N304RK,Ventus2cx,193.9 km,01:20:04,145.3 km/h,1 p,792 p,,0
12,Finished,Thomas.Foerster,TF,D-KFWH,Ventus2cx,193.9 km,01:20:22,144.8 km/h,0 p,790 p,,0
13,Finished,Donat-Pierre.LUIGI,269,FRA269,ASG29,193.9 km,01:23:58,138.6 km/h,0 p,758 p,,0
14,Finished,L.Somogyi,SL,SL-1970,Ventus2cx,193.9 km,01:34:29,123.1 km/h,0 p,678 p,,0
15,Finished,Antoine.Pocan,APO,CH-702,ASW28-18,193.9 km,01:53:01,102.9 km/h,0 p,678 p,,0

16,Landed,-.ACE-Pilot,ACE,D-1234,ASG29,174 km, , ,0 p,578 p,,0
17,Crashed,Sebastian.Naegel,XN,D-0787,ASG29,187 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
18,Crashed,Jean-Pierre.Philippe,EXL,260,ASG29,174.6 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
19,Racing,Eric.DICXIT,AE,ER-DICX,ASG29,167.5 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
20,Racing,Floris.Meinster,MEI,PH-1986,ASG29,161.6 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
21,Racing,Vittorio.Rena,VIT,W-DELTA,ASG29,101.6 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
22,Racing,Tadej.Krevh,TK,S5-3051,Ventus2cx,60.8 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
23,Crashed,-.ACE-Pilot,ACE,D-1234,ASG29,59.7 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
24,Racing,Andreas.Wissmann,AW1,D-9034,Ventus2cx,46.6 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
25,Crashed,Jens.Moller,DK1,XL147,Ventus2cx,22.5 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
26,Crashed,Jan.Podolan,A22,ANDEL,LS10,21.3 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
27,Crashed,Peter.Kozar,LN,OM-2700,Ventus2cx,12.4 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
28,Crashed,Denny.Stouten,U2,PH-BONO,ASG29,4.1 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
29,Crashed,Svato.Pelcak,PS5,OK-6816,Ventus2cx,2.6 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0

Open class:
1,Finished,Marek.Svozil,22,OK-2211,ASW22,193.9 km,01:07:20,172.8 km/h,0 p,1000 p,,0
2,Finished,Ulrik.Sorensen,3W,OY-CLX,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:07:49,171.6 km/h,0 p,989 p,,0
3,Finished,Brano.Ziak,BZ,BRANO,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:08:04,170.9 km/h,0 p,983 p,,0
4,Finished,Pete.Allen,PWA,G-1466,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:09:09,168.2 km/h,0 p,958 p,,0
5,Finished,Radek.Krejcirik,XII,D-6394,ASW22,193.9 km,01:09:22,167.7 km/h,0 p,954 p,,0
6,Finished,Darius.Gudziunas,D9,LY-GBH,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:10:10,165.8 km/h,0 p,936 p,,0
7,Finished,M.DGTFER,DGT,M-DGT,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:10:25,165.2 km/h,0 p,931 p,,0
8,Finished,Andrew.Warbrick,AW,G-CGAR,ASW22,193.9 km,01:10:31,165 km/h,0 p,929 p,,0
9,Finished,Rene.Polewka,BRA,PT-XRP,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:12:00,161.6 km/h,0 p,897 p,,0
10,Finished,Tony.Heslegrave,TH,G-OFER,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:16:12,152.7 km/h,0 p,816 p,,0
11,Finished,Horst.Jahnke,DHJ,D-2056,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:16:20,152.4 km/h,0 p,813 p,,0
12,Finished,Janusz.Zak,JAZ,SP-1954,ASW22,193.9 km,01:17:07,150.9 km/h,0 p,799 p,,0
13,Finished,Marcin.May,MAY,SP-4545,ASW22,193.9 km,01:18:59,147.3 km/h,1 p,765 p,,0
14,Finished,Kestutis.Jurkstas,F,LY-GMF,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:21:23,143 km/h,0 p,727 p,,0
15,Finished,Christian.Feil,CF,D-4039,ASW22,193.9 km,01:23:32,139.3 km/h,0 p,693 p,,0
16,Finished,Jan.vStratum,TP,PH-1004,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:25:34,136 km/h,0 p,663 p,,0
17,Finished,jiri.holub,JHO,OK-4408,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:28:19,131.7 km/h,0 p,624 p,,0
18,Finished,Janos.Lenarth,LJJ,HA-4511,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:39:37,116.8 km/h,0 p,487 p,,0
19,Finished,Silver.Fox,CVF,G-MIP,Nimbus4,193.9 km,01:39:59,116.4 km/h,0 p,483 p,,0
20,Finished,Matthias.Schneider,SNY,D-MATZE,ASW22,193.9 km,01:47:55,107.8 km/h,0 p,472 p,,0
21,Finished,Apolinaras.Berzinskas,PB3,LY-GPB,ASW22,193.9 km,01:55:04,101.1 km/h,1 p,471 p,,0

22,Crashed,Jan.Merettig,JAM,D-2386,ASW22,179.3 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
23,Crashed,Helmut.Kuenne,F9,D-2318,Nimbus4,29.6 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
24,Crashed,Tomasz.Siejek,GD5,SP-0055,ASW22,23.3 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0

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Post by dpluigi » Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:20 pm

Thanks for a nice and easier race to get started and familiarized with the 18m class - it was my first Sky-race.

After a poor start, melow speed I managed a glider or (MK1, I think) by TP2. Got slighly low on-routre to TP3 and slowed for thermals to be on the safe side, where I could I follow more the diagonal ridge (1st poor judgement).

Anyhow, I did get stuck after rounding TP3 and wasted at least 10min trying head back to the finish after a poor judgment and getting stuck... There was a strong dynamic thermal I could have used for final glide... :oops:
We were warned in the briefing!

At least there plenty of room for improvements to enjoy over the remaining season... :D

Looking forward to next Friday on the 18h45UTC server in 18m.


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